Brad Messner has several years experience teaching across multiple disciplines.

Brad Messner has taught at the Community College of Allegheny County as well as Seton Hill University in the areas of Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Systems, Data Science, and Data Security.

Outside of a university, Mr. Messner teaches nationally for tax and accounting organizations with the focus of complex tax scenarios, practice management, and implementing cybersecurity for accounting firms.

Below is a listing of courses and topics Brad Messner has taught.  Please reach out if you have questions.

Computer Information Technology (CCAC)

  • CIT111                    Introduction to Programming – JAVA
  • CIT115                    Introduction to Information Technology
  • CIT145                    Programming in C
  • CIT161                    Visual Basic: Windows Programming
  • CIT135                    Mobile Apps Programming 1

Data Analytics (SHU)

  • SDT100                  Introduction to Data Analytics
  • SDT200                  Practical Data Analytics
  • SDT250                  Advanced Data Analytics
  • SDT300                  Data Analytics Capstone
  • SDT500                  Business Analytics
  • SDT502                  Data Mining & Big Data
  • SDT503                  Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
Cybersecurity (SHU)
  • SCY125                   Introduction to Computer Security & Forensics
  • SCY295                   Network Security 1
  • SCY391                   Computer Networks Wired and Wireless

Data Science (SHU)

  • SDS100                   Introduction to Data Science


Computer Science

  • SCS116                   Computer Ethics and Society
  • SCS132                   Prog I: Intro to Development
  • SCS135                   Exper with Computer & IT Professionals
  • SCS141                   Prog II: Mobile App Development
  • SCS142                   Prog II: Math & Engineering
  • SCS225                   Exper with Computer Systems Admin
  • SCS230                   Database Management Systems
  • SCS235                   Machine Learning
  • SCS250                   Programming Languages
  • SCS275                   Computer Networks Security
  • SCS290                   App Dev with Data Structures
  • SCS297                   Advanced Database, Data Mining, & Big Data
  • SCS301                   Analysis of Mobile Software Systems
  • SCS341                   Algorithms Analysis
  • SCS374                   Software Engineering for Mobile Sys
  • SCS390                   Select Topics: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology
  • SCS400                   Computer Systems Research/Seminar


* Please Note: this list only includes courses taught, not topics or presentations outside of higher education as those topics change frequently.  Please reach out for an updated list of non-classroom topics.