Brad Messner is a nationally sought after speaker on security, blockchain, and AIS.

Brad Messner has a history of proven corporate experience, designing complex, global technology solutions for small, regional, and large enterprises.  Outside of his corporate experience, Messner is a third-generation owner of a small accounting firm specializing in tax preparation, management, and planning.

Leveraging this past experience in enterprises systems and complex finance management, his research focuses on the cross-blend of tech and tax. With the increased need to design stronger and more secure accounting technologies, Mr. Messner has invested significant time researching blockchain.

Research Topic 1:
A Critical Analysis on the Impact of Blockchain to the Security of Financial Technology Systems

  • Abstract: Blockchain and its subsequent technologies have grown in popularity, especially in the industries connected to financial systems and financial technology (fintech). Given the sensitive nature of the data in financial systems and the minimal research completed on the security of these systems, many corporations have opted to remain with traditional financial systems. This paper reviews the security of enterprise blockchain financial solutions and compares them against traditional enterprise solutions including acceptance within audits as well as enterprise confidence.
  • This is the topic selected for my dissertation topic.¬† This is also the topic for which I was awarded the NCAE-C PhD Scholarship.
  • Read my Synopsis of Dissertation Research.

Research Topic 2:
Impact of Utilizing Machine Learning to Reduce Income Tax Burdens on Small Businesses

  • Abstract: More Details Coming Soon…

Research Topic 3:
Methods of Utilizing Blockchain Technology to Improve Sustainable Housing Development

  • Abstract: More Details Coming Soon…

Research Topic 4:
Applying Machine Learning to Improve Stock Market Forecasting and Modeling

  • Abstract: More Details Coming Soon…

Brad Messner is an experienced information systems, security and finance expert.

Brad Messner has decades of experience working with corporations designing and security technology solutions. Read more about his qualifications…